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Eclipse 1007 Digital Die Cutter

Eclipse 1007 Digital Die Cutter

Eclipse 1007 Digital Die Cutter

The Eclipse 1007 Digital Die Cutter is a die free flatbed cutting solution designed for the printing, packaging, and sign industries. It is a cost-effective solution for sample making, short-run production of adhesive sheets, business cards, specially shaped cards, invitations, labels, packaging, tags, and more. The Eclipse 1007 features an integrated touch Screen PC for full operation at your finger tips. Process materials up to .611" thick and up to B1 (23"x 29") sheet size.  Use the roll feed attachment for 24" wide roll material processing.


  • Business Cards: Cuts uniquely designed business cards
  • Greeting Cards: Ideal for custom-shaped cards.
  • Crafts and Arts: Cuts intricate designs for art projects
  • Custom Contour Cutting: Cuts any shape or pattern
  • Envelopes: Cuts custom-sized envelopes
  • Invitations and Stationery: Creates intricate designs
  • Label Production: Cuts various shapes and sizes of labels
  • Prototyping: Creates prototypes rapidly and accurately
  • Packaging: Makes custom packaging
  • Pocket Folders: Cuts precise folders.
  • POP Signage: Makes signs from various materials
  • Tags: Produces high-quality, custom tags
  • Vinyl Decals: Cuts precise vinyl decals

Performance and Reliability

No Cutting Dies
The Eclipse 1007 is integrated with universal cutting tool, oscillating tool, drag knife, kiss-cut tool, and creasing wheel for die free cutting. Options are available for perforation and v-cut tools.

Automatic Feeding System
Fully automatic feeding system and conveyor for continuous feed and cut production, eliminating the need for a dedicated operator. The high-definition CCD camera automatically positions materials and reads registration marks for precise cutting. The Eclipse 1007 model is capable of dual sheet feeding for faster processing.


  • Up to 5 tools on a single sheet
  • 4kw vacuum power absorption
  • Oscillating tool for up to .611" thick materials
  • Automatic feeding system for continuous operation
  • Precise automated positioning system. QR/Barcode Management System


  • Universal cutting tool
  • Oscillating tool
  • Drag knife
  • Kiss-cut tool
  • Creasing wheel for die free cutting